Relief From Chronic Pain with Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center

Bill describes his personal success story of finding relief from chronic back and leg pain with the help of Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center.

“They told me point blank, ‘You’ve had this for quite some time. This is gonna be a tough thing to go ahead and reverse completely, but we’re gonna eliminate the pain, if nothing else.’ And he has done that.”

One patient’s story in her own words about finding chronic pain relief from headaches and complications with the help of Dr. Torres at Novus Spine & Pain Center.

I thank Novus Spine & Pain Center for being there when I needed them the most. I’m now pain-free, and I don’t have to take any more meds.

Lakeland, Florida Pain Management

Pain Doctor in Lakeland, FL

Pain management in Lakeland, Florida by Novus Spine & Pain Center, providing the highest quality pain medicine to patients. Using a comprehensive approach and cutting edge therapies, we work together to restore your function and regain your active lifestyle while minimizing the need for opiates.

Pain Management at Novus Spine & Pain Center

Dr. Torres specializes in pain management in Lakeland, Florida, and is certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine through the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Before founding Novus Spine, the premiere pain clinic in Lakeland, Florida, Dr. Torres was at Moffitt Cancer Center in the Department of Neurology and Anesthesia. Today, Dr. Torres continues to hold a clinical Assistant Professor appointment in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of South Florida teaching Residents and Pain Medicine Fellows.

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Pain Conditions

Pain Treatments

Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedures

Novus Spine & Pain Center Specializes in minimally invasive procedures and innovative treatments to help patients manage pain.

Vein Clinic in Lakeland, Florida

The vein clinic at Novus Spine & Pain Center uses minimally invasive procedures to repair and optimize the function of your veins.

There is no need to suffer from the pain of unsightly bulging veins or spider veins. We can work with you to discover the cause, which can then be treated with interventional procedures that are minimally invasive.

Vein Conditions and Treatments At Novus Spine & Pain Center In Lakeland, FL:

  • Edema (Swelling)
  • Nighttime Leg Cramps
  • Orthopedic Leg Pain Produced by Vein Conditions
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • Spider Veins
  • Stasis Dermatitis (Discoloration)
  • Varicose Veins
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Venous Ulcers

Living In Pain?

Schedule a pain management appointment in Lakeland, Florida today. You will be treated by a fellowship trained pain specialist who is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine.

What Our Patients Say…

Awesome staff and Dr Torres is a great person.
I just love them. And no judgment.

Deborah Nance

Dr. Torres has been outstanding in his pursuit to help address and alleviate my pain.
His entire practice is truly amazing. Thank you.

Heather Parks

I love everyone is
very professional.

Evelyn Aleman

Muy profesionales, excelente trato,

Jackeline Gutiérrez

Staff and doctors were very attentive..
timely and professional!

Ellen Poitras

This has been the best pain management I have had in five years.
Thank you.

Theresa Spiller

It was my first visiting this office but, the respect as well as the
friendly service they gave was amazing.

Tanika Mcclellan

Dr. Torres helped me through the worst time in my life. He is brilliant. I had a compression fracture
of my T12 and he fixed me. He also helped with pain management. Go. Be good to yourself.

Marquelle Wohlford

Speaking to [Dr. Torres] I could tell he actually cared and wanted to help me
which caused me so much happiness as not many doctors these days care.

Mellissa Miller

Before I came to Novus Spine and Pain Center and began treatment I could hardly walk up straight.
Now I am recovering and walking up right.

Adrianna Darr